We operate as a family business with our whānau in mind.

It is no wonder then, that our business centers around people, empowering and inspiring individuals to work cohesively, collaboratively, and effectively, always utilizing and working on their strengths.

Our training and development programmes extend to cultural competency and awareness. We encourage companies to recognize and develop the skills of the people they already have and look towards how they can take a tikanga Māori approach in all their business operations and decisions.

An individual who has experienced our hands on training rationale,

Bianca Chmielewska

Vocational Training for project and administration management

Bianca came to Quadrant Solutions with very little knowledge or business acumen. Through one-on-one training with Natalie Smith (director), Bianca now has a broad range of knowledge, spanning business literacy and finance to be able to carry out her roles and responsibilities competently and successfully.

She has gained and refined her skills with time management, secretarial know-how, and business relationship management. Bianca has particularly loved understanding and learning about relationship building in business, across clients and enabling businesses to work together.

Quadrant Solutions is extremely invested in its culture and furthering Māori business success. As tangata whenua, Bianca, speaks to this, “taking Māori to the next step in business is alone huge net worth to me. More Māori organisations need to focus on strictly progressing Māori through business, through life, through achievements. I really enjoyed that the outcome for Quadrant Solutions is to progress Māori in business.”